Thursday, August 8, 2013

SEO : Is It Really Limited to Keyword Ranking Now?

Hello Guys!! Good to see you after a long time. Sorry for not writing about any new topic from last 2-3 months. 

Today, I would like to ask you one basic question, what you think about current SEO process, is it really limited to keyword ranking ??? I'm just sharing my thoughts about it. 

SEO as a whole has seen a major transformation over the last 2-3 years. Now clients are even more educated than before. They know the optimization process as well as the result they get because of it. Their expectations are increasing day by day. They just don't want to rank their sites for particular set of keywords. They want MORE!! They want CONVERSION, LEAD, INQUIRIES, etc !!

Conversion Through SEO

So we need to change our strategy according to the requirement of our clients. Rather than showing them the improved ranking, we should be able to show them conversions, leads through SEO. It is very simple to achieve. Just a small change in doing a traditional SEO will help you to provide them what they want. 

Following are the basic points that I think we need to change:

Keyword Selection:
Lets start with keywords. While selecting keywords for site, we should think about which keywords will really help us in conversions or getting leads rather than thinking about relevant keywords for ranking. For e.g. If our client wants to sell any product, then we should think about who is our target audience, which type of queries they will ask for buying our product, how our product can be helpful, etc. After getting the answers of such questions, make list of keywords which are coming to your mind. Those keywords will be your targeted keywords. Analyze them. Study them. And make a strategy to optimise them. Rather than ranking your site, start optimizing your site for those keywords.

OFF Page Submission :
While doing Off page you should know where your audience is, where they will come from regularly, which are top sites or portal they visit. Start increasing your presence there, rather than doing so called Submission work. I agree submissions are important but try to avoid bulk submissions, it may affect your site in future. 

Hope this article was helpful in bringing out some ideas that could achieve client expectations further with SEO. What do you think could be some more ways to get leads or conversion through SEO? Please do share your thoughts in the comments below.