Friday, April 26, 2013

Be Alert!!! Writing on #Google Alert Now..

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In my previous post, I have discussed about "a New way of On Page Optimization". I'm just summarizing it again. First and most important part of on page optimization is "THINKING". Please try to think like end user while doing On Page Optimization. Where you think keyword should be well fit like (in title, in meta tags, in content etc) add it, use synonyms, supportive keywords as well. At the end user should get satisfy after visiting the site. Don't think too much technically like primary keyword should present in title, in meta tag,  2-3 time in content and in image alt text etc. It helps in making site well optimize for search engines but user may not like it. He/she will run away from your site. And you will run away from you job.. Kidding .. So just change your thinking.

By discussing the basic concepts of SEO again and again, will not help us in moving forward. Right???? So now on-wards  I will try to cover the things which we ignore most while optimizing the site. For e.g Use of Google Applications like alerts, analytics, URL related concept like canonical tag, URL tagging, SEO of multilingual site, eCommerce site SEO etc. I need your help in this too. Please share the topics, that you think are very difficult or you never implemented but excited about it. I will try to help you in that.

Topic that today I choose is "Use of Google Alerts as well as sites like Twitter, LinkedIn etc. for SEO". We seos are very clever in using Google applications like adwords, keyword tool for deciding the keywords for our site. But what you think, we are missing some more Google Applications like Google Alerts etc. for the same?? Hmmm.. I know we should use them.

Google Alert:
If you want to find out the latest NEWS or the topics related to your site or the keywords your targeting. What is your way to finding it out??(Please share it in comments). One simple and universally accepted solution is go on Google type your keyword or the topic then click on NEWS section of it and hit Enter. Right??  I know, its really simple. But if I want same thing on regular basis what should I do?? I will prefer to set Google Alerts for it. Its a simple application where you can add your keywords, your topics and get mail about them on daily basis.
While setting the Google Alerts, try to avoid the use of exact keywords, use the variation, use the broad keyword phrase and also the general user query. For e.g. Suppose my target audience are IT-admin or system admins, for which I want to write a regular blog on my site. Then I will first set Google Alerts for it. I will include the topics like network troubleshooting ways, network security, network hardware appliance, new CISCO hardware, network monitoring etc. Because I know my audience are having keen interest in these type of topic. I will add topic related to cyber-threat  network malware attack, server performance or security too. As these are hot and ongoing topics. Google will provide me the latest NEWS related to these topic daily. I can send them to my writer and he or she may easily correlate them with my site. It will help me in keeping my site updated.

Twitttttteeerrrrrrr and LinkedIn: 
Second way for getting latest NEWS is Twitter and LinkedIn. Use twitter or LinkedIn search box for your purpose. Search the topic or keywords on which you want current going NEWS. Twitter will give us the results which are currently happening. LinkedIn helps us by giving suggestion through groups, wall post etc.

You can use them for writing a blog or article for promoting your site. You can also get an idea what your users are expected from your site too.

Using the above sites or applications will really help us to keep our site updated. They also helps to increase our site visibility and mainly all these are FREE FREE FREE !!!

So go use them....

And put your thoughts about this post and about these ways in comments....

Thank you and Happy reading!!

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