Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What the hell is this "On Page Optimization" ???

Howdy Guys ???? Hope all of you are enjoying your life. Perfect !!!

Lets move to next phase or step or process of Search Engine Optimization. Its "On Page Optimization and important factors "

Before starting to discuss about this, I just wanted to tell you some important points about On Page Optimization:

  • Dont use it to fool the search engine or end users
  • Ohh !!! Important factor for increasing website visibility
  • Its a skill not a technique
  • Simplest way to bring authority and trust from search engine and end users
  • Use it or Leave SEO !! (in Harsh tone :p) 
So lets talk about it, most of the so called SEOs (Search Engine Optimizers) consider it as a simple way to fool the search engine rather than end user!! STOP that thinking.

On Page Optimization is the process where you can optimize the web page or web site to its relevant theme. For e.g if  we have a website or webpage about selling computer, so it should represent the relevant information about selling computer like its price, specification, color, configuration etc. It should give a satisfied answers to user who is visiting or coming to the site. Not a fake advertisements to grab the user.

While doing On Page Optimization, first thing that we should know is "Think like End USER or Visitor and not like an SEO". So understand the site first, study it. Decide what exactly site is about and what its purpose. You should aware of its functionality, flow and navigation too.

We need to do a thorough study about, why user will come to my site or what things will help user to get satisfy from the site etc.  After analyzing the proper answers to the questions that user may get while surfing  web page or web site, we need to start actual optimization process.

Think how page is loading in browser. Firstly title --> header --> body section and finally footer.

So start optimizing from title.

Title and Meta Tag Optimization:

Points that needs to be consider while optimizing title and meta tags:
  1. Is existing title is relevant to page
  2. Is it really giving an idea about page 
  3. Use of keywords (Primary or secondary)
  4. Use of Brand name
Title should be small, descriptive and giving idea about web page. Don't stuff the keywords for search engine. Search engine hates it.

Similarly, optimize meta description tag. This tag is NOT consider while calculating the ranking in SERP. It is used to give brief information about what exactly page is about. A well optimized meta description tag help you to increase the CTR(Click Through Rate) for the site. Avoid catchy or fishy language. Use user friendly language as well as what is the page or your site is about information to represent it.

Header Section:

It may contain banner, logo, images etc. Try to avoid the use of flash or scripting to represent banner or header. Use images which will easily load in the browser. It will help in decreasing page load time. Using relevant and creative images in banner or header helps user to increase his/her interest in your web page. Try to avoid bulky header or banner or more number of images. 2-3 relevant images will enough to convey your message.

Body Section:

It is an important part of web page. OR in my language its a "heart of web page". Sometime I become romantic while writing...OOPS back on track..

Body section contains header tags, content, images, internal links(some time) etc. Use of header tag is not mandatory but it will help user to get an idea about content. So header tag should be relevant to the content. You can use supportive keywords or the creative phrases as a heading tag.

Next is "Content" ... Its a king, queen,  beautiful princess everything of your webpage. So keep it clean, error free, grammar free and avoid silly spelling mistake. Use of primary keywords with supportive keywords or with synonyms will add beauty in your content. Avoid highlighting the keywords. It looks like mole on beautiful face. I know sometime it works but most of the time its NOT.  Content helps user to finding out the answer for his/her questions, so it should be qualitative rather than quantitative. It plays an important part in SERP ranking. So optimize it like your genius and not like your a extra ordinary (Avoid Over Optimization).

Use of relevant images with alt text will help search engine as well as user to understand the web page. Search engines are (lazy oops..)  unable to read the images so we should help them by giving a relevant alt text. Use of heavy images or excessive number of images will increase the page load time.

Inter linking or giving link in between content will navigate user through your site. So use anchor text which will provide an idea about page which will be loading in the browser. Sometime use of supportive keywords or primary keywords for other page or a brand name is fine. But excessive use of same keyword as a anchor text may give you penalty from search engine. 1-2 call of action in content will be important to achieve your aim.

Footer Section:

Most seo will ignore this section or they are not giving much concentration on this section while optimizing the web page. But its WRONG. This is also an important section of your web page. Avoid more than 100 inter linking. Use synonyms or supportive keywords in anchor text. Try to add privacy policy, about us, contact us like pages in the footer. Use of copyright will increase the authority of your web page.

 Hussshhhhh.. a long post. So it is from my side. I would be glad if you share your optimization strategy or thoughts here. Also comment your suggestions for my post or the points that I have mentioned in the post. And stay tune for the next one.....


  1. Nice work Manvesh!

    It's been a while since you last posted! Nyways, good to see you share your thoughts on the subject you specialize in! It certainly is beneficial to me or to those who're keenly interested in SEO.

    Yes! the post is longish! But it emphasizes on the factors that we usually forget to give importance to! (e.g. footer!)

    On-Page is certainly plays part in ranking, just follow what needs to be followed and I guess it'll help!
    looking forward for the next!

    1. Hey Prasanna,

      Thanks for your comment. I was waiting for it. There are some silly grammatical mistake, I will take care about it. Thanks again.

  2. Good article Manvesh. You should write more often about SEO and the related aspects.

    These are some aspects that people feel are trivial and don't pay attention to. Reading your blog should give them idea. Perhaps some case studies presenting challenges in On Page and Off Page optimisation.

    I'm sure readers would like to read it from an expert's point of view.

    1. Thank you Saurabh,

      I will surely try to add some good case studies in next post.
      Thanks for appreciating too.

  3. Good article manvesh......Thanks for sharing info about on page optimization....

  4. Really good article Manvesh.. When you follow google rules, google will change the rule.. So make your rules that what user need n their point of view..

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